Arhus, Denmark
We are in Arhus, Denmark, the next to last day on our trip. Another beautiful day to sightsee. This day, we take a cab to Den Gamel By, a large outdoor living history center that chronicles 300 plus years of Danish history of how towns-people lived. With interpretive people telling you about the buildings, it is walking into the life of Danish people of those days. But first, off the boat and to be greeted by an all girl marching band. What fun to listen to them.
Once the tour groups left, we had this wonderfuly peaceful village almost all to ourselves. Lunch in the outdoor garden made for a wonderful day.
After the walking, we decided to take this carriage ride around the grounds and discovered that he also took us into the surrounding gardens as well.
Walking back to the dock from Den Gamel By we discovered our cruise dinner tablemates above waiting on a bus to take them back to town. It is a very picturesqe town with a nice pedestrian area as we have seen in many places on our trip.
We got a kick out of seeing this old cycle car. We found it walking back to the cruise ship and talked to the owner, a shopkeeper. She tells us it was made in 1956 in Germany. You can't quite see it but at the rear, there are two wheels very close together in the center of the car.
This was the last stop on the cruise. From here, back to the ship, and on to Copenhagen. Because we were independent travelers, we were among the last to get off the ship but easily found a cab to take us to our hotel. For our last day in Copenhagen, we decided to give us a vacation from our vacation, left our cameras at the hotel, then just walked through the city and took a city bus to the center of town, walked to the oldest amusement park in Europe at 150 years, Tivoli gardens (which are spectacular). Dinner was at Nyhaven again, and then up early to catch the long trip back to the US.
Cruise Log
Friday June 28th Arhus, Denmark

4:06 am Passing under the Great Belt Bridge
8:00 am In Arhus Roads, pilot boarding
8:46 am Alongside at basin 5, berth 43
12:00 nn Wind: West- Force 5 Sky: Partly cloudy
Air Temperature: 63 ° F 17 ° C
6:34 pm Let loose our lines and departed the dock
11:00 pm Leaving the Great Belt, heading for the Sound

Saturday June 29th Copenhagen, Denmark

2:20 am Entering the Sound
4:00 am In Copenhagen Roads, pilot boarded
5:22 am Berthed alongside Langelinie Kaj

We want to thank you for making it this far into the trip. We really enjoyed the cruise and all the places we visited. We were fortunate with the weather and it was wonderfully cool in the mid 60s most of the time. A great departure from the heat and humidity that summers in Indiana usually bring. Please take a look at the Maps page, the travel tips page, and the links page for a lot more information on where we were. Happy travels to you.

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