Tallinn, Estonia
We first thought of Tallinn as a refugee from the former Soviet Union but discovered it is a growing, exciting, and a fun city to visit. The harbor is bustling with activity, the city center full of people, and while it seems like the cruise ships make up the bulk of the tourists, it was an easy city to get around and visit and the sights are worth stopping in to take a look.
We took a cab from the port into the upper part of the city to see the old walled portion and the churches up in that section. From there, we walked down into the city center where the activity and people are. We saw the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and found some beautiful mosaics and icons.
In the city center, we sat for a while in an outdoor cafe, enjoyed the local beer, and listened to the street musicians.
After relaxing, we walked down to the city center museum to see what life in Tallinn was like hundreds of years ago. A very good museum with very helpful staff. This model of an old sailing ship was in the museum.
Cruise Log
Friday June 21st Tallinn, Estonia

4:15 am Entering the Gulf of Finland
11:45 am Docked alongside Northern Mole
12:00 nn Wind: South - Force 4 Sky: Showers
AirTemp:68 oF 20 °C
5:45 pm Departing the dock
6:45 pm Set course to head for the eastern end
of the Gulf of Finland

So, from here, now On To St. Petersburg, Russia.

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