Sanborns' Baltic Sea Images
These images were taken from the slides that I took using a Canon F1 35mm camera with Fuji Provia Slide film, and those that Pat took with a Canon AE1 35mm camera using Fuji Reala print film. One reason we take both is so we can do a slide show and carry an album and we both have ideas on what makes a good picture. We both like to take pictures as well and love to compare what we have done. I only took 10 rolls on this trip but we were very pleased with what we got. So here is a sampling of some of the favorites.
Nyhaven turned into one of our favorite spots in Copenhagen. A pedestrian only street that is on one of the canals and full of out door restaurants and shops. When sunny weather comes, the Danes love to be outdoors.
Another view looking up and down Nyhaven at all the ships docked along the canals.
Above is an opera singer at the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg Russia. To the left is the port of St. Petersburg. What a city, this port is huge, the city full of incredible historical sites including the Hermitage.
The Hermitage museum is often called the greatest on earth. With over 3 million artifacts, painting, and objects in their collection, it covers four buildings that are in constant need of update and restoration.
At one time a home to the Czars, the grandeur is something to see.
Room after room after room of old masters paintings, 25 Rembrandts, several rooms each for Gaughin, Matisse, Peter Paul Reubens, and everyone else imaginable including Picasso.
Catherine's Palace at Pushkin has been wonderfully restored after heavy damage in WW2. The front of the palace at left and the gilded ballroom below.
Lapland is above the Arctic Circle and covers the northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Russia. Below, a Laplander greets us in our boats. And to the right, what is Lapland without reindeer.
The story of the Vasa, one of Sweden's greatest warships is incredible and to see that they have raised it intact after laying on the harbor floor for 300+ years is something to see. Check out their museum web site on the links page.
Stockholm, Sweden is a wonderfully clean, bright, and easy city to enjoy. Below, we traveled to the Orrefors Glass Works factory near Kalmar, Sweden to look at some of the most spectacular glass available anywhere in the world.
In Warnemunde, Germany, this lighthouse is part of an old Baltic Seaside resort community that is easy to travel around and see.
Back to Arhus, Denmark and Den Gamel By, a collection of 300 year old buildings and homes from Denmark's past in an open air outdoor museum.

These were some of the highlights of the trip through the Baltic Sea, so for a closer look now Go On To Copenhagen, The start of our trip.

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