Kalmar, Sweden & Orrefors
Kalmar, Sweden is a cruise destination for the Orrefors Glass Works but is a difficult stop in that the ship cannot anchor at the dock as the harbor is not deep enough. So we go ashore in the ship's tenders but it takes far too long to unload the ship this time and so we were really limited as to what we could do here. I think my only complaint about the cruise is that I would have liked more time to explore the castle and town.
It was sunny sailing out of Stockholm towards Kalmar but as you can see got very cloudy once we arrived. According to the weather information, this time of year (June) gets about 10 days of rain so despite the brief downpour in Stockholm, we have been very lucky with the weather.
Orrefors is all about glass and this part of the country has glassworks all over the place. About 45 minutes outside of town, it is worth the side trip as we got to see the artists creating pieces like this one as well as glass for everyday use. Though quite expensive (and they do ship), it is incredibly beautiful to see them create them.
Cruise Log
Wednesday June 26th Kalmar, Sweden

7:54 am Entering the waters between Sweden and
Oland Island
10:34 am Anchored in Kalmar Roads commenced Tender service
12:00 nn Wind: Southwest- Force 5 Sky: Overcast
Air Temperature: 63 ° F 17 ° C
5:48 pm Last Tender retrieved and anchor away
5:40 pm Anchor aweigh
6:06 pm Set course for Warnemunde

So, from here, now On To Warnemunde, Germany.

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