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When you are cruising, your options for exploring are sometimes limited simply because you may be in port for just a few hours. What I did though was as we visited each port, I also looked to see how accessible the people, country, and traveling independently would be and so found some links for you to look at if you want to go on your own.

The Holland America Cruise Line really can't be beat If you are interested in going as we did. Great food, nice cabin, and a great way to travel.
Copenhagen is one of the most accessible cities in Europe to visit. Start with Denmark's Official Web site.
Rick Steves Europe Through The Back Door is one of our favorite guides to Europe and his was one book we took with us.
Arthur Frommer "Europe on $5 a Day" started it all and you can never go wrong with his advice.
The Weather Channel for Copenhagen, Denmark, - You need to know.
Estonia's Online Virtual Travel Web Site
The Estonia Times Online in English, Keeping up with News.
Estonia In Your Pocket Travel Guide is another one of the better travel guides you can get.
Another very reliable resource, the US CIA World Fact Book on Estonia.
City Papers Terrific Guide to Tallinn Estonia
Visiting St. Petersburg, Russia is not easy on your own but you could do it with Russia's own travel site.
The Hermitage Museum Online gives you an idea as to the reason to go to St. Petersburg!
WFor More information, Get the CIA World Fact Book on Russia.
Lonely Planet is another very good travel resource for all of Scandanavia.
The St. Petersburg Times English Language Version is the local paper for news and information.
The City of Helsinki, Finland is a good place to find out what's going on in Finland.
Finland's Travel Guide is a good starting place to check out Finland.
The Finnish Meterological Institute tells you the weather for all of Finland.
As Usual, the CIA World Factbook on Finland is a good source.
Traveling to Finland's Rovaniemi Arctic Circle Region is a special side trip.
What is a trip near the North Pole without Santa Clause Village in Lapland.
Visit The Finnish Santa Claus Post Office near the North Pole.
The City Guide Sweden is your guide to travel throughout all of Sweden.
Stockholm, Sweden is one of our favorite European Cities.
As Usual, the CIA World Factbook on Sweden is a good source.
Kalmar's Sweden City Guide offers another great place to stop in Sweden.
Orrefors Glass Works is one of the big reasons for visiting Kalmar.
Warnemunde, Germany is an old resort town near Rostock but lots of cruise ships stop here. Easy access to Berlin by train.
Arhus Denmark is the 2nd largest city but with so much to see.
Den Gamle By is Denmark's Old World Living Museum. See it in Arhus Denmark.
Back to Copenhagen, our Last stop was Tivoli Gardens, Europes Oldest Amusement Park.
Another Very good travel site is the Connected Traveler.
While not an exhaustive listing of links, though there are quite a few, it gives you an idea of the places we visited and gives you a good starting place for planning your own trip to Scandinavia. I for one, can't wait to return.
For Books, the best place to go is Barnes and Noble, personally, I prefer to browse the book store in person but this is the next best thing. Barnes&
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