Stockholm, Sweden
The travel writer Rick Steves has said that Stockholm is his favorite city and I would be hard pressed to disagree with him. From the dock, we traveled to the center of the city via local bus, took an "Open Top" bus tour of the city which allowed you to get off and back on and then visited the Vasa and the Nordic museums. The rain caught us going back to the ship but we waited it and the hail storm out before making our escape.
To the left is a model of the giant Vasa ship. Built to huge proportions, it immediately sank in the harbor of Stockholm on its maiden voyage as it was too top heavy. 300 years later, it was raised and is now part of the Vasa museum.
Stockholm is scenic, full of interesting old architecture, and pedestrian friendly.
With only one day, it really didn't leave us much time to explore Stockholm. But the bus tour was a relaxing way to see a lot of the sights and give you ideas of things to see next time.
Cruise Log
Tuesday June 25th Stockholm, Sweden

2:00 am Ship's time goes back one hour to GMT +2
3:40 am Entering the Stockholm Archipelago at Sandhamn
7:30 am Docked alongside 638 Frihamn Quay
12:00 nn Wind: Light Airs Sky: Cloudy/Showers
Air Temperature: 72 ° F 22 ° C
5:00 pm Undocked and commenced Scenic Cruising
through the Stockholm Archipelago
8:30 pm Entering the Baltic Sea at Sandhamn
Set course to the South for Kalmar

So, from here, now On To Kalmar, Orrefors, and Warnemunde, Germany.

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