Shanghai, China
Our trip begins in Shanghai, one of the post populous cities in the world and one of the fastest growing and modern cities. We got a chance to see some city planning results as well as visit some of the older sections of the city.
Our first stop was the Shanghai Urban Planning Center and Exhibition Hall and I was very impressed. What a birds eye view of the city.
The Huamu Community Culture Center is a marvel for people from the community of all ages to participate in and learn so many different activities. You wish every city and town had one of these.
We got to visit one Man who is a collector of some of the most incredible clocks to be found outside of a museum.
The next part of the trip was to Chongqing, Dazu County and Chengdu. For more travel pictures of our journey, go to Dazu County.
All photographs, except where otherwise noted, taken by Robert Sanborn.
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