Tibet - China 2004 Visit.

This Page relates to the visit to Tibet. Just four days here was quite an adventure for all of us.

By the time our group of nearly 50 people got to Tibet, we were really enjoying each others company. It was a real treat for me to visit, chat, and drink with my fellow travelers from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and to renew friendships with my fellow delegates from the USA. Unfortunately, we had a tragedy in Tibet with the loss of Harry Elton of Canada. From what I heard at the memorial service we held for him in Tibet, I wish I had gotten to know him better.
This is my second visit to Tibet and I have loved nearly every minute of the visits. From seeing villagers and their tractors to the majestic monasteries and temples to just visiting with the people, This is a place worth visiting.
The Buddha in the Rock.

In many ways, the landscape reminds me of the southwest United States.

From a very bustling market place to the site of one of Tibet's holiest places, the Jokhang Temple market place is the place to visit and shop.
The Potala Palace above is the one place in Tibet you must not miss.
More views above of the market place and sellers.
The Drepung Monastery outside of Lhasa Tibet is one of the older and more important places. You will find it nearly deserted of pilgrims as they tend to visit the Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace.
Part of our visit was to the homes of several families in Tibet. They warmly welcomed us and showed us their homes and families.
At the Niang Re Tourist Village outside of Lhasa, we were treated to one of the most wonderful folk presentations of traditional Tibetan music and dance.
One of the more interesting things about Tibet is that there is so much to explore around the country. Below is a view of a mountain side monastery.
And a close up of it...
As you can see, the sights in Tibet are wonderful and it is a great place to visit.

Our next stop is to on to Beijing for the reason for this trip, the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

All photographs, except where otherwise noted, taken by Robert Sanborn.
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