From Shanghai to Beijing - September 2010 China Trip

This was another wonderful trip through China. Even though we had a lot of people traveling with us, it was not a problem and the organization was terrific. What follows are some of my parting photos and some from Linda Hanley who traveled with us. You do need to go find her photos as she did a marvelous job.
Ann Xin, from the CPAFFC, has been helping USCPFA tours to China for several years. She came to the US for one of our conventions recently. Below, one of the friends I took home. Below right, Tom Loy (Australia) and Bill Willmott (New Zealand). Table
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Li Jianping Left is me with Mr. Li Jianping who has been a friend of mine and USCPFA for years. He was my host four years ago when Pat and I came to China to adopt our daughter. (from Linda)
To the right is our group waiting for a performance of the porcelain orchestra in Jingdezhen. bowls
paint Our Delegation had the opportunity to meet with former President Jimmy Carter in Shanghai. A great honor and an exciting time for all of us. (from Linda who is front row right)
To the right are Ms Li Xiaolin, our host from the CPAFFC, Diana Greer, USCPFA Secretary, Mary Warpeha, president of Minnesota Chapter, and Mr. Xie Yuan from the CPAFFC. factory


At the end of a really hot day at the Expo, our group managed to take a ride around the site in one of these stretch golf carts. Wow, did that make a difference. (from Linda)


At the Lushan Mountains Villa's we all stopped for a group photo with all of the other delegations and many of our Chinese hosts and guides.(From Linda) market
At right, the Maori delegation entertains us with a song. Below our hotel at night at Lushan Mountains and below right, I am with one of our Chinese guides and photographer, Mr. Xu Fenghua. Thanks for the photos and the memories, Mr. Xu. Group
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What follows here are some of the web links that I put together to help you know more about where we were:

Bullet Trains in China The high speed way to travel.

Seat Guru - Pick your own seat on your flight.

Weather Underground - check the weather wherever you are going.

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Expo 2010 in Shanghai China - The most exciting expo to date.

Nanchang, Jiangxi Province - From China Travel Guide

Jingdezhen - China's Porcelain Capital

Lushan Mountain - China Resort and UNESCO World Heritage Site

USCPFA - US-China People's Friendship Association

I hope you enjoyed my trip with my friends through China.


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