Mt. Lushan - China's First Tourist Destination

After the heat and humidity of Shanghai and Nanchang, the trip to Mount Lushan was a dream for me. It was cool, clear, and you felt completely refreshed in this resort area that was popular with both Chinese and foreigners from the turn of the last century. We are still in Jiangxi Province but at this elevation, it seems like a completely different part of China. Designated a Unesco world-heritage site, it is home to 16 natural wonders, and hundreds of scenic spots and peaks, the highest going 1474 meters (4835 ft).
Lushan Mts. Sculpture Stone
Misty Mountains You start your trip to the Lushan Mountains by going to Jiujiang City, located at the middle part of the Yangtze River. Cars and buses will take you up the incredibly winding road to the town. Wear good walking shoes and be prepared to deal with a lot of steps as it seems you are either going up or down stairs to see anything.
photo people

We really enjoyed our visit to Lushan Mountains and while we were traveling with several other groups, the space and so much to see made it an easy trip to take. We also had a number of photographers with us to help us enjoy the sights.

Below, you see the description and poem about the Flower Path Pavilion in the park, a beautiful place to be.

Flower Pavilion Poet
Gardens more
View Pavilion
gate The Gate to the left is one of the very popular spots for the Chinese tourists to have their picture taken. it was so busy, that we had a difficult time just trying to get to the other side. Below left is the Immortal's cave.
Immortals To Mao
Lake Next, take a look at The Villa's that made this area so famous.

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