China - The First Stop - Shanghai

The trip started for me in Shanghai. I arrived on a flight from Chicago in September to a city that was very hot, the mid 90s. It was also a 12 hour time change from Indianapolis so there is serious jet lag and while the hotel was very nice, it was hot, humid, and a rough start to the trip. The first part of the trip began with a vist through Shanghai at night and a chance to mingle. The next day, on to the Shanghai Expo 2010 which was spectacular and very impressive.
Shanghai at night Shanghai at night
Expo China Pavilion
Shanghai is a massive and very modern city of nearly 20 million people and nearly all of them came to the Shanghai World Expo 2010. I was fortunate enough to have as my guide Ms. Wang Ting from the Jiangsu Peoples' Association to help me get through Shanghai and the Expo as there were, it seemed to me, millions of people there.
The Expo was the largest ever with over 73 million visitors, 246 participating pavilions, and a terrific website to catch it for yourself. Shanghai Expo. The sites were something to see.

Besides all the pavilions and exhibit halls, there were hundreds of special sights like the horses above and the artisans from Congo doing paintings. Entertainment, food, and drink were to be had in many places as there was everything from an Italian bistro to a KFC to choose from.

It was really a wonderful display of color, unique designs, and wonderful glimpses of the countries involved.

For me, this was the end of my first stop in Shanghai, to the railway station to take a brand new Bullet Train on to Nanjing for me.

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