Mount Lushan Villas

These Villas were once home to wealthy and famous Chinese and foreigners alike in this beautiful mountain resort and there were hundreds of them. Some are still lived in by Chinese families and some have been turned into museums. Pearl Buck's family had a villa, as did Chairman Mao.
Lake Villa Lake2 Villa
Pagoda Villa
signs The Villas here are well preserved in the past hundred years and have seen a lot of history. You see signs to some of the Villas below and left and below right, you see what was once a beautiful stone church that has been unused since the beginning of the revolution some 60 years ago.
Butterfly Church
stairs Except for that very windy road to these villas, this is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the respite from the heat in the cities below. Of course, you need to navigate a ton of steps to get anywhere.
Villa villa
Chairman Mao also used one of these villas and his bedroom is preserved below left. Mao Villa
Bedroom Villa
Villa What a wonderful place to get away from the heat. We enjoyed our few days at the mountains and then headed off to the porcelain capital of the world, Jingdezhen.

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