A Trip Back To China

This trip to China was like several of my previous ones in that I was leading a delegation of friends from the US-China People's Friendship Association, www.uscpfa.org. Like several of the other trips with that wonderful organization, I had the opportunity to take a group of 14 people to China for the purposes of going to the 4th Friendship Forum sponsored by our counterparts, the Chinese Association for Friendship With Foreign Countries in September 2010. We also spent time at the Sister Cities Conference in China and of course, had a lot of time to spend sightseeing. This is my seventh trip to China and I never tire of going for lots of reasons, one being the people are so friendly, the country is so vast, and the history so impressive.

So start with the first link Arriving in Shanghai and it will take you through the rest of the trip.

Arriving in Shanghai & the World Expo 2010
Bullet Train to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Visit to Zhenjiang
The 4th Friendship Forum
Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
Lushan Mountain UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Villas at Mt. Lushan
Jingdezhen, the world's Porcelain capital
Photos and the Links Page
China Pavilion
Street Scene

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