Some Other Fall Comdex Pictures

Pictures of other things found around Las Vegas.

richard.jpg (10831 bytes)

Richard Katz
Intuit User Group Evangelist

esther.jpg (10963 bytes)

Esther Schindler
Sm@rtReseller Magazine
and former APCUG Boda

stevebas.jpg (11520 bytes)

Steve Bass
PC World, Pasadena PCUG
and Former APCUG Director

yvette.jpg (7459 bytes)

Yvette Marin
National Cristina Foundation

loony.jpg (16952 bytes)

Loony Tunes were everywhere,
From Gene and Linda Barlow's shirts to the cute dolls from LivePix..

hamoy.jpg (12623 bytes)

Maurice Hamoy, now with Store Active,
he has been out to many user groups in the past.

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