APCUG Fall Comdex '98 Sponsors

Pictures of Some of our APCUG Sponsors.

intuit.jpg (11968 bytes)

Scott Cook, President
Intuit, Inc.

cowpland.jpg (9494 bytes) corel.jpg (15399 bytes)

Dr. Michael Cowpland, President and CEO
Corel Corporation

eubanks.jpg (7273 bytes)

Gordon Eubanks, President & CEO
Symantec Corporation

powerq.jpg (11921 bytes)

Gene Barlow and Bill Bennett, President
Powerquest Corp.

elshadd.jpg (8916 bytes)

ElShaddai Edwards
JASC Software

vendors.jpg (11697 bytes)

Gary Saxer (Enfish), Gene Barlow (Powerquest), Rye Livingston (Adobe)
At the Vendor Panel

and there were many more....

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