Sanborns' China Trip Images
China was an absolutely wonderful place to visit. While we traveled around and took a ton of pictures, I set out a few that were my favorites of the trip and the people. These I will show here. For the rest of the pictures, you can journey through the web site to see what we saw and if you have a real desire to see more, I do have a slide show with another 300 pictures available.
The Red squares on the map of China will give you a good idea of all the places we visited on this trip. We traveled by air, rail, and cruise ship to cover these places in China.
This Bronze Lion is part of a number of bronze statutes found in the Forbidden City and throughout China. They are magnificent.
The Forbidden City is what legends and many tales are made of throughout China's 5000 years of history.
What is a trip to China without the Great Wall. You can see it from space and either from that distance or up close like I was, I still have difficulty understanding how massive and far reaching it is.
At the Ming Tombs, a Sacred Silk Burner.
The Great Marble Boat that the Empress took the money to build a navy with to build for herself.
One of the most beautiful spots in China is at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian.
What is China with out the Terra Cotta Warriors? In Xian, this is probably the most famous destination in a city full of surprises and history. Whiles these warriors were quickly found and destroyed by hordes seeking weapons, they were then lost for hundreds of years.
Sunrise in the Wu Gorge along the three gorges on the Yangtze River.
One of the main sources of entertainment for our trip was to see the fractured English translations on many signs such as this one.
In Tibet, you have the wonderful clean air, the mountains, and the spectacular Potala Palace.
The Panda Sanctuary in Chengdu is also a research station for breeding the reclusive giants.
Hong Kong, a world class city set on a beautiful harbor was an incredible finish to a great journey.

So, if you are ready, from here, now Go On To Beijing, The start of our trip.

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