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As when planning any kind of major and expensive trip like this, you must do a lot of research to make the most of it. Of course, if you are taking a tour like we did, you are limited to what you can see and where you can go but China is opening up to independent travel. What follows here are some of the places on the internet that I found very helpful.

Our Tour Group (OAT). This is how we made the trip to China and what a great group it was. Overseas Adventure Travel
Our Chinese Tour Group. In China, this is the organization we connected with for all of our travel there. Overseas Tourist Corp. Shaanxi
Want to know what the official word on China is? Ask the CIA CIA -- The World Factbook 2000 -- China
From the State Department. Same horse different mouth. US Information Sheet on China
China Daily Newspaper China Daily
The Weather Channel The Weather Channel - Havana, Cuba
Want to know about health issues before you go? The Center for Disease Control
A look at endangered Pandas in China. The World Wildlife Fund
Another great traveler's resource site. The Connected Traveler
One of our favorite travel sites. We have used their guide books all over the world. Arthur Frommer's -- Daily Newsletter
China's Embassy in the USA The PRC in the USA
The People's Daily Online The Peoples Daily
A great site for lots of information China Internet Online
To see it all closer to home Florida Splendid China
For Traveling up the Yangtze Victoria Cruise Line
The US China Peoples Friendship Association USCPFA
For Books, the best place to go is Barnes and Noble, personally, I prefer to browse the book store in person but this is the next best thing. Barnes&
Still want to Look for more information. Then head over to Alta Vista.
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