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People of China
China is not only the massive monuments and spectacular sights we saw along the way. It is also the people that you find along the way. What follows are just some random shots that also helped to make the trip more educational, fun, and to help me remind me of such a wonderful trip.
This is Helen, our local guide in China who spent the entire 20 days with us. What a wonderful resource and help to our travels throughout China. I highly recommend her and OAT for anyone traveling there. Probably her only failing is the severe aversion to Yak butter and the smell it gives when you add it to the Yak Butter lamps you find in the temples in Tibet.
Below are some images of China and the people we saw along the way.
On board the Victoria3 Cruise boat was a painter in residence, Mr. Zheng Suimeng who has had work exhibited all through China and most recently at the World Peace Art Exhibition in Seoul, Korea in 1999. Here he is working on two paintings, the one on the right I asked him to do for me.
In Tibet, it is a sign of hospitality to offer your guests and visitors water. On the right, we were invited to this woman's home for tea and snacks that were made with Yak butter, Yak milk, a Yak Cheese, roasted barley, roasted rice, and a popped barley that reminded me of the puffed wheat cereals. Below, you see some typical foreign tourists lost in the streets.
We visited this 80+ year old woman in her apartment on Aberdeen Island. It is a 300 square foot home to 5 people. There is one single room subdivided into several partitions.

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