Hong Kong
The End of Our Trip
From Chengdu and the Pandas, our next stop was Hong Kong. I think that the introduction we first got to Hong Kong was the best. The city at night. My first impression of the downtown area is Manhattan but with more neon signs in the streets. There is so much activity that this tells you it is really a modern, active, and growing city. Hong Kong is a combination of 200 islands and 8 million people. Having come back into the "west" from our journey in China, several of us immediately went to the Palm Restaurant for dinner. I had rack of lamb, Lyonnais potatoes, white wine, and a caramel custard for desert. It was heavenly.
Hong Kong is famous for its city scapes, the harbor, and the experience of knowing that thousands of people still make their living literally still on the small junks that you see in the harbor. We were lucky enough to take one of the junks around the harbor and see it really as a working floating village of fishermen.
You might not see it too well in this picture but Bamboo is still a mainstay in Chinese construction in Hong Kong. All of the scaffolding that surrounds this high rise is bamboo.
One of the best ways to see the skyline of the city is to take the Star Ferry from Kowloon Island to Hong Kong Island and back. Great views of the harbor and some of the traffic there. While wandering around, we found a Pacific Coffee company store and Mrs. Fields Cookies so it gave us a very cosmopolitan ending to our trip there.
On our final night in Hong Kong, and after Day 19 of the trip, Helen, our OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) guide arranged for a wonderful banquet that was both unique in its offerings and surprisingly good.

Below, our banquet group picture.

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Our ride home, in comfort because we upgraded to business class it was great, comfortable, and very relaxing.
As you can tell, I really enjoyed this trip and the people that we took it with. Health wise, unfortunately, nearly everyone of us came down with something during the trip and with the time change (11 hours), water problems (don't even think of drinking it), and the strange and exotic foods, it was not to be surprised. Would I do it again with this group ? In a minute. I hope you enjoyed our trip show, and I want to thank you for taking the time to take a look at it. If it helped to make up your mind about going to China, great. I look forward to going back myself.

Finally, you can see more images of the People of China.

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