More of Tibet, the Roof of the World
Then Back to Chengdu and the Pandas
There is more to Tibet than the Potala Palace and we had a chance to visit some of them. The first was the Sera Monastery, a training ground for currently 600 Buddhist Monks. We got to see them working and studying. Tibet, especially Lhasa, is a primary site of the Buddhist religion attracting pilgrims from all over China, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The second place we visited right in the center of Lhasa was the Jokhang Temple, one of the most holy temples in all of Tibet. Thousands of Buddhists from all over the world come here.
The Yak is a symbol of much of what is Tibet and these Golden Yaks in the main street are incredible works of art. In Tibet, you see signs that are often in three languages as is the one to the Tibet Kitchen, one of our lunch spots. The first is in the native language of Tibet, the second is Chinese, and the third, English.
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From here, it is back on the plane to Chengdu. A city of 8 million people and besides the expected visit to see the Pandas, an unexpected and fun trip through the flower market. But before we go, one last view of the Potala Palace.
After suffering the heat, humidity, and hazy conditions of the rest of China, it was a pleasure to go to the cool climates of Tibet. In fact, one evening, I actually needed a sweater. Above, we show you what the weather there is like in real time.
Well, I was right, it was back to the heat, humidity, and haze of the big city. Our first visit was to the Panda Sanctuary and breeding station. The sanctuary was home to about 8 pandas and there were two additional Pandas in a breeding incubator having been born just 10 days ago. Pandas spend 50% of their time sleeping, and another 40% eating. They eat 40 Kilos of bamboo each day.
Chengdu is truly a city on the move with millions of bicycles throughout the city. Early morning and evening, the streets are filled with them and during the day, they are stored in massive bike racks.
The Market place in Chengdu was something to see especially the street full of flowers spices, fruits, and even cactus plants. Here you could buy anything to start your home garden with including the tools and supplies. For someone who loves spices, I would loved to spend a few hours at this stall see what they were.
This was the end of our mainland China adventure. It has been a long but very fast 17 days and as I put this web page together, I realized how much fun and how much we saw and learned on this trip. Can't wait to go back.
From here, We are on to Hong Kong!

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