Sanborns' Trip, the Beach and then to Cardenas
Cayo Coco is one of the main beach and tourist areas in Cuba. A lot of international companies are involved in building up the tourist trade and the hotels there and we certainly enjoyed the visit.
For a small island, travel does take its time. A half day ride between Santiago de Cuba and Caya Coco, the Coconut Key and the beaches but it was worth the trip. The beaches were beautiful, quiet, and a lot of fun as we did a lot of swimming and snorkeling.
Besides all the fruit we found, there were trees and trees of bananas and plantain.
In Cuba, services like running water often need the help of roof top cisterns and tanks when the water is shut off.
Farms and small houses like this one dot the landscape.
While the national teams were off for the season, baseball never takes a break as these kids were well into their game.
Ahh, the beaches. Sun, surf, quiet, and such wonderful food. Without the harrowing crowds we see on our beaches, this place is a refuge to recharge worn batteries.
One of the most popular figures of the Cuban revolution is Che Guevara. Author, thinker, fighter, and an organizer, you see his likeness everywhere. In Santa Clara is this statute and memorial to Che.
Cardenas is a minor city in Cuba but has some very important attributes. The Che Guevara memorial is near here, as are the famous beach resorts of Varadero. It is also the home of Elian Gonzales and is known for its bicycles and horses and carriages, major modes of transportation.
Probably the most picturesque place in Cuba is Josones Park. Built by a rum baron as a private estate.
Near the park, we went to a dolphin show. They are in a fresh water lake. Above Eduardo pats one and to the left, our driver got soaked as he waited for a kiss.
The new Presbyterian Church in Varadero has a most beautiful tile wall on the outside. This chuch is fairly new, only five years old.
Cardenas on an early morning.
Cardenas, a very quiet peaceful town.
Cuba has such a diverse wealth of people to draw upon. Once such musical group was the Grupo Folklorico Columbia del Puerto, a group specializing in Afrocubana music. It is uniquely Cuban, as Charles and Timothy enjoyed.
As you can see, we had a great time going through the center of Cuba. People, music, the sights, and beaches were wonderful.

From here, away from the beaches to the seminary at Matanzas and back to Havana.

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