The Sanborns' Trip, Two Great Projects
While we were impressed with many projects being carried out in Cuba by many organizations that are part of the Council of Churches, two stood out in our minds that will make a big impact. The first is the "Generation With Purpose" at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. This is a great group of kids that sing and dance and put on a tremendous show.  They will be touring the Caribbean and United States in 2001.
The second great project we saw was the Green Medicine Project. Here they attempt to determine what medicinal properties and benefits the herbs, spices, and plants have on the human body. The project has also surveyed the population for the old remedies that were passed down through the generations and then does scientific studies to see if the products actually have the desired effect. This project is forced in part because of the embargo of medical supplies and equipment by the United States.
It is all led by this man who is considered a walking encyclopedia of green (herbal) medicine.
A field of Aloe Vera
A type of ginger used for food coloring.
They are testing all sorts of plants here.
Tilo, a valium like tea.
Oregeno drying in the open sun.
Storage sheds were everywhere.
This storage shed had bags of garlic ready for shipping out.  The smell was incredible inside.
Cuba is a very poor country thanks in part to the embargo from the United States. Did you know that even if you travel legally to this country, you can bring back no more than $100 per person in goods. Because of the embargo, Cuba needs to develop these kinds of projects and the church organizations are doing a terrific job in helping out.
So, who is Cuba's most famous son who was never born there ?  (to the outside world of course, and with apologies to Che, Jose, and others...)  Ernest Hemmingway of course, so lets go see where.

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