Havana, the Sanborns' Trip
Our trip to Cuba began on a hot muggy day, Tuesday May 23, 2000. We flew into Havana from a connection in Cancun, Mexico. While there are a few authorized flights directly from the United States, by far the cheapest alternative is to fly to Mexico. The fares are much lower, the schedules better, and the connections are easy.
Our first stop in Havana was at El Morro, the old Spanish colonial fort overlooking the harbor and city. Built in 1610 to protect their interests from Dutch, English, and the French. The city was founded in 1510 and was ruled by Spain until 1902.
Flowers surrounding the fort were beautiful.
You will see a lot more images and views of the city of Havana on the return trip from the countryside, but here are a few snapshots of some very interesting people and things around the city.
Old Cars are everywhere on the streets of Havana. When the embargo hit in the 60s, Cubans became very resourceful in rebuilding and keeping these classic relics on the road.
Where some had better luck than others.
These Three Wheeler Taxis were everywhere as well.
Our Tour Guide of Cuba was Jose Aurelio Paz, a member of the Cuban Council of Churches and the most energetic, fun, and resourceful person you will know in this country. Torre's day job is as a cultural critic for the country's largest newspaper.

So, from here, now On To Ciego de Avila, The Central part of Cuba.

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