The Sanborns' Trip, In Hemmingway's footsteps
Ernest Hemmingway, to many of us, was what first brought our attention to Cuba. From his books, travels, and the stories of those that knew him (Including a very funny series by Michael Palin on PBS recently), he brought us a very different look to Cuba and the time he spent there. So follow us as we retraced a few of the footsteps ourselves.
What better way to take a look at Hemmingway in Cuba than to start in one of his favorite watering holes. Just off of the old square in downtown Havana, it was easy to find.
With a bar like this, what is not to like.
Here, Hemmingway talks about one of his favorite drinks, and the Cuban standard, the Mojito.

To make one start with a highball glass and a ton of spearmint, dump a teaspoon of sugar and juice of half a lime (about 1 1/2 tsp), muddle it up but don't crush the spearmint. Fill the glass with ice and add a good white rum (2 ounces) like the 7 year old Havana Club. Top with good chilled water, not tap stuff, and finally, a few drops of Angostura bitters.

Very refreshing on a hot day.

And while eating and drinking the day away, you can be entertained. I bought a CD from this group but unfortunately, the minute I played it, the label came off ruining the CD.
While in the bar, it is customary to write your name on the wall. Charles Neal took care of that task for all of us. You might recognize some names here.
While in Cuba, Ernest Hemmingway lived outside of town for many years. Here you can see how he left his house, his boat, swimming pool, and some beautiful grounds.
Hemmingway slept here
There were many places in Cuba that Hemmingway visited and lived and while we only covered a few on our trip, you can head back through this street to find the source of it all.

And have another Mojito.

We appreciate your making it this far. From here, we take you on our last tour through Havana. It was such a fun city to visit. One night while we were out visiting the hotels and bars, we stumbled across the Pacers versus the Knicks playoff game. From an ESPN satellite feed in Spain, naturally in Spanish.

So, from here, now go to The Last Look at Havana.

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