Cuba, the Sanborns' Trip
Cuba is one of the most surprising countries we have visited. The visions we had of this island nation in the Carribean have always been of the cold war, the Cuban missle crisis, Bay of Pigs, Elian Gonzales, and of course, Fidel Castro. What was missing, was the people, the culture, and beauty of this small but "dangerous" (to the US) country. We hope to change some of those myths.
The old cars were everywhere and they were an incredible treat for car buffs everywhere.
What we saw in Cuba really surprised us in its variety, contrasts, and images. We never really thought much about this country and so had so many pleasant surprises. On this page is a quick sampling of some of those images. What will follow on the next pages will be in more detail of what we saw, and what the people and this country are like.
These street scenes, like this one of Santiago de Cuba, show an exciting, vibrant, and alive city.
The Music of Cuba is wonderful: from street bands like this one we stumbled upon, to The Buena Vista Social Club, whose music is available everywhere.
The streets are alive everywhere with people and taxis like this one.
The hot topic of Cuba and the United States in May was the fate of this poor boy. His story was sad, plucked out of the ocean after his mother and several others died trying to escape this island. Trapped between two vastly different cultures, he was on everyone's mind during that time.
People we found were also very friendly, informative, well educated, and helpful. It is obvious that they also enjoy life.
For us, this was an exciting adventure with the other folks from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. We hope you will also enjoy our adventure and trip to this most interesting country.

You will find here, the link pages for a lot more information about Cuba and we hope in the future, you too can take your own adventure trip there.

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