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Traveling to Cuba is still illegal according to the government of the United States. That said, it is still a place worth going to. You have several options of getting there. To do it legally, you need an invitation from a Cuban organization (ours was the Cuban Council of Churches), and an approval letter from the US Department of the Treasury. There are alternatives that I can obviously not recommend but list simply for your information: Book through a Canadian or Mexican travel agent or simply go yourself. Quick flights to Havana can be found in Cancun Mexico, you can buy the visa on the spot, and since your passport isn't stamped, what you tell the US Immigration officer as to what other stops you made on your travels to Mexico is between you and him. What ever you do, do not bring cigars back unless you have the permit and you only get that by going legally.
There is surprisingly a large amount of material on Cuba available in book stores. It is not the lonely isolated destination that you would have thought. These are a few of the better books available to you when planning your trip to Cuba.
Lonely Planet Cuba
Frommer's Caribbean 2001
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I have found some excellent books on Cuba on the web sites. You will see more and more coming out but here are two that give you very different views of the country, the politics, and the culture.
Jose Marti Reader: Writings on the Americas
Otherwise, if you don't find what you are looking for, search the web yourself!
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