Sanborn's Fall '98 Trip to Portugal

Pat and I had a lot of fun on this trip. We visited some incredible sights including monasteries, castles, forts, inns, and some wonderful towns and villages. What follows is a sampling of some of those places we visited.

Portugal is a wonderful country. Full of history that spans the modern times back through the Spaniards, the Moors, Visigoths, and past the Roman Empire to the Celts who first settled here. What you see here is a statue of Don Jose, the Portuguese king at the time of the 1755 Earthquake that devastated the city. This statue is located in the Praca do Comercio at the waterfront of the city of Lisbon.

In September of 1998, we had planned a trip around this part of Europe to see Expo98. We spent nearly three weeks on this trip and surprised ourselves by just staying in Portugal. We had that much fun and enjoyed so many sights.

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From here, we would like to take you on our tour around Portugal.

In and Around Lisbon,Portugal

Expo 98 is the Last World's Fair of this Century

To the Coast of Portugal North of Lisbon

Sintra and the National Palace of Pena

Obidos, Alcobaca, and Batalha

Nazare to Tomar, Home of the Knights Templar

To the Spanish Border and Marvao

Evora, an UNESCO World Heritage Site

To Setubal and Those Great Pousadas

Palmela is our Last Stop In Portugal


pt-fordf.jpg (16144 bytes) Driving in Portugal is an adventure. The Portuguese are said to be some of the worst drivers in the world with very high accident rates. This Ford Ka that we rented was a wonderful but incredibly tiny car. One bag in the hatch was all it would handle, the rest in the back seat. pt-fordb.jpg (14037 bytes)

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