Setubal and the Pousadas

Setubal is one of Portugal's  largest cities set on the right bank of the Sado river. Said to have been founded by the grandson of Noah it is famous for Muscatel wines and sardines. Grapes from this region have been praised since the days of the Roman's and Visigoths. You will also find orange and cork groves as well as sunny beaches. setubal1.jpg (25977 bytes)


setubal4.jpg (15008 bytes) The Pousada Sao Filipe was a fortress and castle built in 1590. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the town and harbor. Rooms once used by soldiers have been renovated for tourists. What is saving many of these castles is the government turning them into inns and hotels.


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The views from the Pousada Sao Filipe were absolutely beautiful.

setubal3.jpg (9633 bytes)

The Pousada also made some wonderful backdrops for pictures.


setubal5.jpg (13710 bytes) setubal6.jpg (10265 bytes)The night we spent here we saw everything from the fishing fleets coming in to a four masted sailing ship to an incredibly huge auto carrier.

Portuguese Tiles are some of the most beautiful in the world. You see them incorporated into everything from castles to cathedrals to monasteries to homes. Early in Portugal's history, tiles and masonry was used because of the lack of wood for construction. These blue and white Azulejos (tiles) are all individually designed adorn thousands of walls through out the country. Within the castle Sao Filipe is a small chapel where you see these tiles dating from 1736. It was one of the few places we could get into take pictures and it was worth the wait.

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