Sanborn's Trip to Portugal
Tomar & the Knights Templar


castl1.jpg (9656 bytes) After lunch in a small Cafe in Pousa, we headed to Leira and found another fortress on a hilltop overlooking the town.


Tomar is a town who's history is intertwined with the fortunes and fates of the Knights Templar, famous crusaders. In the 12th Century, these powerful and wealthy monks established the Convent of the Order of Christ Monastery. It soon became the grand head quarters for the Templars. Henry the Navigator was the most famous of the Knight's Grand Masters. castl2.jpg (8893 bytes)


 castl3.jpg (18637 bytes) castl4.jpg (15809 bytes)

Interiors of the convent. From its inception, the Convent experienced five centuries of inspired builders.


castl5.jpg (18178 bytes) In 1810, Napoleon's troops turned the convent into a barracks. The portals of the Templar's church is in the Manueline style depicts everything from leaves to cherubs. The mosque like effect you see here is an attempt to link the Christian and Islamic cultures. You can still see much damage from the French troops.


tomar.jpg (18347 bytes) In Tomar, you want to stay at the Hotel Dos Temparios (not shown here) is the largest in the region but was quite spacious and having some incredible views. An easy town to get around in, the food and sights were great. castle6.jpg (16372 bytes)

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