Sanborn's Trip to Portugal
To the Spanish Border & Marvao


cork.jpg (18119 bytes) Cork is a major product of Portugal. What you see here is a cork tree that has been recently stripped of a layer of cork that can be 3 to 6 inches thick. The trees are then marked so that they may not be harvested again for nine years. Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork products, there were cork groves and trees everywhere.


The black clouds you see here are a portent of the stormy night we were to have. We stopped for the night across the street from this church and while looking up on the hill, noticed another small chapel on the peak. castelo.jpg (23847 bytes)


marvao1.jpg (13048 bytes)  

Said to be the most spectacular place to visit in all of Portugal for the views, Marvao rests on a hilltop overlooking the Spanish frontier less than five miles away


marvao2.jpg (29538 bytes) This fortress has stood the years very well.


The views here were indeed incredible marvao3.jpg (12342 bytes)

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Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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