Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is our introduction to the Baltic Sea region of Scandinavia and we really enjoyed it. A clean, open, easy to get around city, it has a lot of charm and we found ourselves enjoying walking around very much. We started here looking for our ship dock, visiting the downtown, and this is also where we ended the trip at Tivoli gardens.
These sights of Copenhagen make for a really fun walking tour of the city. From the harbors and canals to the ceremony of the guards and what seems like a hundred monuments, it is a fun city to browse. I love the architecture here and it reminds me a lot of Amsterdam.
Nyhaven is one of our favorite spots in Copenhagen full of all sorts of sailing ships tied up at the canal and a huge variety of restaurants and is a great place to watch people. Food is terriffic though a bit on the expensive side and I have found that Denmark is expensive in general but still less so than the rest of Scandinavia.
We came upon this fort as we wandered the canals near the harbor. We were walking back to the city after finding out where our ship was docked and as we explored we came across this old fort from the 1700-1800s. Copenhagen is a place that we could have easily spent several more days in.
From here, we got on the ship and you should really take a look at their web site. This is our second cruise on this same ship so we do enjoy it quite a bit. 1200 passengers but not big enough that you got lost. Service was impeccable. We went steerage on C deck and this gives you an idea what our cabin looked like.
Cruise Log
Wednesday June 19th Copenhagen, Denmark

12:00 nn Wind: Northwest - Force 3 Sky: Partly Cloudy
Air Temperature: 68 o F 20 ° C

12:30 pm Started embarkation of Guests
4:15 pm Boat drill for Guests and Ship's Company
5:05 pm Departing the dock
6:30 pm Passing Helsingor as we exit the sound
9:12 pm Entering the Great Belt

So, from here, now On To Tallinn, Estonia.

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