China 2004 Trip - Dazu County (Chongqing)
Dazu county in China is one of the most lush and yet poor places in the country. Farmers earn a very meager living off of the land. Yet we were very happy to have visited these villagers and their homes. Dazu County is part of the Chongqing Municipality Located exactly at 29° 22' N, 105° 28' E (look for the red square below)
A visit to the Dazu Stone Sculptures is one reason a visit to Dazu County is worth the trip. A rainy day here I think just added to the mystery and magnificence of these carvings.
Stone carvings in Dazu County
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These exquisite carvings are found about 162 kilometers from Chongqing. They date back more than a thousand years, having been created during a period that began in the late Tang Dynasty (618-907) and ended during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The forty groups of more than five thousand pieces of stone carvings are scattered within the boundary of the county, especially on North Hill (Beishan) and Precious Crown Hill (Baodingshan). They constitute the largest and most valuable collection of ancient Buddhist stone carvings in China.

Web sites to visit the Dazu County Stone Carvings.

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From the events in Dazu County and the banquets in Chongqing, we traveled to Tibet. Follow us to Tibet.
All photographs, except where otherwise noted, taken by Robert Sanborn.
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