Zhenjiang - A Beautiful City in China

Zhenjiang is a city with a history of over 2,500 years and was once a provincial capital in China. Full of folk mythologies, it has an exciting history full of legends. This was also a city where Pearl Buck lived for several years. The city sits on the southern bank of the Yangtze River and borders Nanjing and so is part of Jiangsu Province and is home to nearly 3 million people.
Temple City
Offering A major visitor destination in the city is the Jinshan Temple and Buddhist center. Above you see some of the city sights and offerings of incense in the city temple. Like many other places in China, the architecture is absolutely beautiful. This city area is the birthplace of two emperors and a king of China.
These images from the temple just show the accomplishments of the artists who put all of this together.
The National Parks of China have done much to keep many of these sites for the future generations of China.
From here, it was back to the Bullet train and back to Shanghai. The trains are an incredible feat of technology that may someday make it to my own country but as you can see above, they were fast, over 193 miles per hour.
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