Sanborn's Fall '98 Trip to Portugal
When Planning a trip of this sort, you need a lot of help. What follows here are some of the places on the internet that I found very valuable in planning and scheduling our trip.

and, as of January 26, 2001, they were all current !

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Expo98 in Lisbon This is why we went to Portugal in the first place. web site A good Tourism site for Portugal.
Arthur Frommer's -- Daily Newsletter Arthur Frommer has some of the best travel books and newsletters anywhere.
The CIA Factbook on Portugal What ever you think of our CIA, they do have some great publications and material.
Pousadas de Portugal Our favorite places to stay in Portugal.
Rick Steves' Europe Europe Through the Back Door, A great Travel Source and you should see the PBS Travel shows.
TAP Air Portugal Here is how to get there.
Overseas Adventure Travel If I have to go on a tour, go with these folks, This is how I got to China.
Microsoft Expedia This is another good source for information.
Auto Europe Car Rental From the USA, you can rent their cars all over Europe and this is who we used.
Frommer's Portugal Rick Steves' Spain and Portugal
These are the Two Books that we took on the trip to Portugal with us. What you see here are the updated versions of both books. Again, I can't stress enough how helpful they were and what a difference to the trip that they made.


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