Jingdezhen - China's Porcelain Capital

Jingdezhen is China's Porcelain capital and it also resides in Jiangxi Province. A smaller city of over 1 million people, it holds the magnificent Porcelain market once a year and attracts visitors from all over the world. The city was originally known as Xinpin and the name was changed around 1004 when Emperor Jingde of the Southern Song Dynasty decreed all that porcelain made for the court would be marked "made in the Jingde period" and that is how the city became known as Jingdezhen.
Players Table
bowls trash
Much of the work done in the factory here is all done by hand. This is one of the oldest factories in the city and we did visit some other factories that were beginning to do much of the work via automated machinery. The factories in the city produce thousands of pieces a day. worker
bowls paint
painter painter
table factory

Everything here is made into something porcelain including tables, trash cans, recycling containers, and even the light poles running all through the city.

In the old porcelain factory, they have many workers still painting and firing the bowls, vases, and plates all by hand. The market place below was something to see, nearly as much porcelain outside the store as there is inside!

The weather here unfortunately was as hot as it was everywhere else (except for the Mountains) hovering in the mid to upper 90s. It made shopping difficult but we still enjoyed seeing everything that was here.

market market
market bowls
ship This was our last stop in China before heading back to Beijing and then back home. The several museums that we visited were something to see, with such intricately carved items like this Dragon boat you see here.
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