Nanchang - Capital of Jiangxi Province

This is my second trip to Nanchang, the first was when Pat and I had come here to adopt our daughter a few years ago. It was a lot of fun seeing the city again and seeing some of the sights from that trip. The heavy atmosphere is still here as between the fog, the pollution, and heavy humid air, it is always hazy here and I had to work on the photographs to clean them up. Unlike many other places, the sky is almost always white. To start the visit, we went to the Tengwang Pavilion, a very famous temple.
Tengwang Pavilion Tengwan
From Tengwan  
Left is our friend Tony Tu Anbo and his beautiful daughter. I had met Tony from one of our prior trips to China and they have been good friends ever since. Also below is an image of the tile wall in the temple and some of the performers there playing traditional music.
The City of Nanchang has a population of five million people and is at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and so the river plays a big part in the commerce and traffic of the city. Its location was also the only provincial capital on the Beijing - Kowloon Railway connecting east and western China. Below is an image of a translucent solar panel from the Best Solar Power company, one of many setting up shop in the high technology industrial zone in the city.
One of the small villages we visited was Gongqing City just outside of Nanchang and the semi tropical climate makes it possible to grow everything from grapes below left, to cotton right, to bamboo to the lower right. This village was developing a Bio-gas project to build their own sustainable infrastructure. The house below is running its kitchen off of the bio-gas generated in the town of just a hundred or so people.
kitchen From here, it was on to cool misty resort of Lushan Mountains.

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