Nanjing - Home of Pearl Buck in China

Nanjing was once the financial center of China and is now home to many industries, tourist destinations, and historical sites. My first stop was the Nanjing Folk Customs Museum and Yuejiang Tower. It is so impressive to see artisans at work and what they can create from the sculptured gardens below to the silk worker to the painting of the children.
Folk Museum Folk Artist
Probably five million people live in this city and like all the others, you see people at play and enjoying themselves and also the hard working peasant class trying to fit in to a modern and growing city.
As with nearly every city in China, there is an older section that still has all the charms of people living centuries ago but fortunately with the modern conveniences of life. Many of these have been turned into tourist destinations and are still teeming with life.
Pearl S. Buck lived in Nanjing when she was growing up and her home has been saved as a museum.
The Lantern was a favorite of her father and above you see the award for the Nobel Prize in Literature she was awarded. A terrific museum of their life in China. The next day, I took a day trip to the city of Zhenjiang.

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