Cuba: Sanborns' Trip

Culture, religion, and the revolution have all weaved an intricate part of what is Cuba and it is worth seeing. The Cuban people have really embraced all three aspects of what their heritage is and you see it everywhere.

Come join us as we take you on a tour of a truly remarkable country and its people. Each stop will lead you to the next as you tour with us.

What's Cuba without Papa Hemmingway
Images of Cuba
Our Last Look At Havana
In and Around Havana
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Travel Tips and Planning for Cuba

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Ciego de Avila, Central Cuba
Santiago de Cuba, Southern Cuba
To  the Beaches, and Cardenas
Matanzas and Back to Havana E-mail Robert Sanborn at:  Copyright 2000 Page Last Update: December 27, 2000.
Two Great Projects in Cuba